General terms

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1) Every offer is given without binding and as far as the possibility for execution exists. The goods travel on risk and responsibility of the client, even if offered franco. Prices are valid franco delivered, except if agreed otherwise and stipulated in offer or/and order confirmation. By his order followed by our order confirmation, the customer accepts our general terms. Every clause occurring in the customers’ orders, which is incompatible with or contrary to ours, will be considered as null and void, unless previously agreed in writing.

2) All our invoices are due 30 days after invoice date at the latest. Complaints about our invoices will only be accepted in writing within 7 days after invoice date.

3) Non-payment of any invoice by its due date will entail by right and without reminder an interest of 1% per month past or started. In case we find it necessary after due date, and without obligation to send the customer a reminder, we will charge an additional 4 euro for administrative costs per reminder and per invoice.

4) In default of complete payment on due date, our invoices will be increased in full right and without formal notice, in application of paragraph 1152 of the Civil code, by a fixed and irreducible compensation of 15%, with a minimum of 50 euro for extra-judicial costs made to obtain payment. This stipulation is without prejudice to the above mentioned costs and interests for late payment.

5) The customer who forces us with no valid reason to start legal actions in order to obtain payment, has to pay us a compensation in addition to the above mentioned sums, costs and interests, which shall be determined by the Judge, with equity to cover out costs for prosecution, including fees, supplementary administrative costs, compensations for loss of time, etc..

6) Every dispute of any kind shall be governed by the jurisdiction of the court of Ieper (B), giving us and only us the option to turn to the courts that are competent by common law. The drawing of bills of exchange or making of receipts does not entail a renewal of the debt, and the drawing up of such documents does not mean a divergence or an abolition of this attributive clause of jurisdiction.

7) All invoices are subject to external credit control and management.